Thursday, August 16, 2012

All about the Benjamins

It has been a Red Sox season of ups and downs.  However, mostly downs.  With one of the highest paid rosters in the MLB, the Boston Red Sox are pushing the blame off of their shoulders and on to first year manager, Bobby Valentine's.

An off-season that was filled with rumors, gossip and the blame game, I believed the Sox would put their egos and paychecks behind them and come out this season as one of the MLB's most feared opponents.

It has been just the opposite.

The Red Sox are 6th in the American League Wild Card race, finding themselves 6.5 games back.

As optimistic as I try to be, at times my optimism rubs me the wrong way.  And with a month and a half left in the regular season, the Red Sox don't seem to be changing their ways anytime soon.  Especially after a meeting, consisting of eighteen players led by Dustin Pedroia and Adrian Gonzalez that occurred in July became known to the public this week, as the Sox met with management in an attempt to get Bobby V fired.

Now, when the hiring of Bobby Valentine happened, I was completely against it.

Although I have nothing before this year to dislike Bobby V for, I just believed that the Sox did not need the media attention and the celebrity like approach that Bobby V extinguishes.

However, after hearing about the Red Sox complaining about the coaching, I have had no reason but to side with Valentine.

Baseball is not a sport that a player can blame a manager for the way he or his teammates are playing.  Terry Francona managed this team the way a manager should.  Controlling the players in a coach like manner, yet keeping a close enough friendship with them all.

After a tough season like 2011, firing the manager seems to always be the easy way out.  However, after a long and unexciting season in 2012, the Sox management have to be reconsidering their attempt at furthering this clubhouse by hiring a new manager.

The 2012 Red Sox still have enough time to turn it around and make a run for the playoffs.  However, teams that make a late season run for the playoffs, usually aren't the teams that blame the coaches and each other for other peoples problems.

I still remain a strong member of Red Sox nation, however, no matter how this season ends, changes need to made to further this organization in a successful manner.

Just look at teams of the past.  2004 was not that long ago, and that was a professional baseball team, on and off the field.  And they will forever be World champions.

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  1. I've enjoyed your posts Matt. Great work. Unfortunately the Red Sox are lacking in the magic this year. Think Theo and Papelbon saw this train wreck coming?